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About Barbara Carmichael

“I could see how some people would find India daunting – maybe too daunting. There was no easy entry – no way of slowly easing oneself into India. Like biting into a raw chilli, my shock was immediate. The air was close. The people were close. Millions of people were close.”

(excerpt from I’ve Come to Say Goodbye)


Written in a warm, conversational style as if the author is sharing a cup of chai with the reader, Barbara’s stories are based on years of journeys to India, and diaries of her travels that include sketches and photographs. The author is also an artist, and has previously been chosen as Australian representative in symposiums in both Dubai and Baku, Azerbaijan. She hopes to evoke the same images with her words, as she would with her brush.   This is evident in her writing, as she captures the colour, chaos and light of India, creating an image in the mind of the reader. Barbara’s understanding of India comes from her fifteen trips over the last decade and her ability to tell a story in a way that she hopes will inspire her readers to go on an adventure.


I’ve Come to Say Goodbye is dedicated to her friend Tarun. It was through his eyes that she saw and fell in love with India. Barbara lives in Byron Bay, Australia. This is her first book.