My Travel Memoirs
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My Travel Memoirs

I keep a supply of small leather handmade books, and every time I travel, I take one with me and write a bit about where I ‘m travelling and interesting things that happen along the way. It’s been a great reference for when I have been writing my book, although sometimes I get side-tracked and end up reading my dairies instead.

Getting started or knowing where to start is often a problem. Luckily in the area where I live, Byron Bay, there are always courses being offered in all sorts of writing – anything from travel to fiction to children’s books. Around August, when Byron hosts the annual Byron Bay Writers’ Festival, you can be lucky enough to attend workshops given by some of our top Aussie writers, as well as international guest writers.

I can’t believe I’ve finally finished my first book – I’ve Come to Say Goodbye.

It’s been a long haul. The best advice I think I can give anyone who is writing their first book, is to take the workshops, get advice from the experts, and when you think you’re done, seek some help to prepare a professional submission to a publisher. Claire Scobie, author of The Pagoda Tree and Last Seen in Lhasa was my mentor and she is an amazing teacher. Thank you Claire. Claire writes regular blogs and gives advice to budding writers. You can find her on


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